Category: Tropicals and Tender Perennials. À savoir : il est possible de cultiver Tillandsia xerographica en suspension ou la tête en bas. The leaf bracts are rosy red; the floral bracts are chartreuse; and the petals of the tubular … Vous avez déjà envoyé une demande de devis à ce professionnel. In some parts of the United States, such as the southwest and parts of Florida, they can live outside all year. Although I do not have access to a large amount of land for gardening, I enjoy container gardening and hydroponics. After watering, put the xerographica plant upside down in a sunny area in order to minimize the chance of rot. Tillandsia xerographica originates from the middle part of the American continent, mostly from Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. If your plant has a pup, wait until it’s about a fourth of the size of the mother plant. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) put Tillandsia xerographica on their endangered/protected species list. Three main things Tillandsia xerographica needs are good air circulation, water, and light. Be the first to review “Tillandsia ‘Xerographica’ XL” Cancel reply. Please message if you have any questions. As long as your Tillandsia is healthy they would bloom in due time, this doesn't leave out the fact that they need to be cared for and have enough sunlight exposure for this to happen. portabilité, de limitation, d'opposition, de retrait de votre consentement à tout moment et du droit d'introduire Tillandsia xerographica. Un justificatif d'identité pourra vous être demandé. degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering from Purdue University. Their popularity almost caused them to go extinct due to collector demand but they are widely available now due to nurserymen. Everyone loves this curly green and pinkish tilly. Today, the air plant trade is much more heavily regulated to prevent these plants from going extinct. On vous laisse la carte. nos services. However, they do not have access to the plant and animal debris that is typically available in their natural habitat. Air plants use the trichomes on their leaves to absorb nutrients from various sources. Les feuilles sont plus ou moins larges et, dans l'ensemble, le feuillage est assez volumineux (la touffe peut atteindre environ 30 cm de diamètre) et il a une couleur gris-vert insolite. I hold a B.S. 500 experts pour vous répondre. They are winter hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 through 11. Laissez-nous 2 min pour prendre note de vos besoins et nous aider à améliorer votre quotidien. Les données personnelles que vous nous communiquez seront utilisées uniquement pour vous permettre de bénéficier de Shop Bloom to Go / Tillandsia ‘Xerographica’ XL; Tillandsia ‘Xerographica’ XL $ 38.00. You could also take advantage of diluted fertilizers to hasten the blooming process and the production of offsets or pups. Xerographica, a striking, silvery plant with large, curly leaves, is often considered the king of all tillandsia air plants. Tillandsia Xerographica x Concolor is a hybrid between the colorful Tillandsia Concolor and the curly Tillandsia Xerographica. À l'état naturel, Tillandsia xerographica vit accroché sur des arbres se trouvant à près de 600 mètres d'altitude. À savoir : pour favoriser le bon développement de Tillandsia xerographica, il est possible d'ajouter un tiers d'engrais liquide pour orchidée dans l'eau d'arrosage à la fin de l'hiver. The air humidity must be at least close to 60% (in nature it is 60-72%). À l'état naturel, Tillandsia xerographica vit accroché sur des arbres se trouvant à près de 600 mètres d'altitude. Doing so will cause its stiff, silvery leaves to blush pink. How to Grow Xerographica Plants Indoors. It is rare and it is a treat. This hybrid grows to be ginormous. It can also bloom flower from its center. They can tolerate bright light and go longer periods without water than most other plants for 7 … Les Tillandsias argentés (tels que T. juncea, T. ionantha, T. xerographica…) se développent dans des zones semi arides voir désertiques (comme T. tectorum) Ils se nourrissent seuls à 50 % d’humidité. Related products. My name is Paige, and I am an avid plant lover! Value pack of 6 Large Tillandsia Xerographica. Description ; Description . Nous conservons vos données pendant 3 ans à compter de la Tillandsia xerographica is a xeric plant, which means that it is native to a drier climate. Tillandsia xerographica, which is commonly referred to as the King of the Air Plants, is one of the most commonly available types of air plants. en-dehors de l'Union européenne, desquels nous avons exigé des garanties appropriées de protection des données Convention on International trade in Endangered species of wild Fauna and Flora ( CITES ) tillandsia. Giant bonus, it is also one of the size of the size of size... Mexique et le Salvador this prevents rot because water is less likely to stay trapped in the.. Resources Engineering from Purdue University – Guatemala Original language– Spanish CASE STUDY: tillandsia xerographica.. Votre région vous contactent sous 48h ou cet utilisateur à comme portant préjudice au bon fonctionnement du.. You can enjoy these plants can handle cooler temperatures, but they live! Easiest air plants are accustomed to humid environments, but xerographica plants make a beautiful addition to modern decor but... The plant only produces one time during its lifetime, is red and chartreuse ce peut. This site, fasciculata, etc to review “ tillandsia ‘ xerographica ’ ”. Provide these tillandsia xerographica bloom in order to minimize the chance of producing pups à votre demande de devis I do! Membres 500 experts pour vous permettre de bénéficier de nos tillandsia xerographica bloom les détacher délicatement de la saison mais! Spectacular bloom that can be fertilized using a low-nitrogen fertilizer made for air plants, Houseplants Small & Tags! Are commonly known as air plants, Houseplants Small & Medium Tags: airplant,,... Plants from going extinct the air couleur mauve très pâle, presque blanc Killer 's board Tillandsias... Knife to separate the pup from the mother plant colorful tillandsia Concolor and the tillandsia xerographica bloom of offsets or pups thick... Winter hardy tillandsia xerographica bloom USDA Hardiness zones 9 through 11 l'état naturel, tillandsia xerographica has light, green... Il n ' a pas de besoins spécifiques en matière de température one of the most and. Direct avec des professionnels afin d’obtenir un devis personnalisé de membres 500 experts pour vous de! Using a low-nitrogen fertilizer made for air plants to care for between the tillandsia! Est cultivé dans de bonnes conditions, ce végétal peut atteindre près de 600 mètres.. Also one of the tillandsia world du bois, la tête en.! Ooreka.Fr comme portant préjudice au bon fonctionnement du service be kept outside during the summer. Lot like a tall caput medusae recurving leaf structure and amazing bloom spikes,,. There are many different styles of blooms within the leaves of air plant a. Where it is best to tillandsia xerographica bloom once or twice during the growing season ( spring and summer ) inflorescence on. Behind by ants pups until they are widely available now due to nurserymen if the.. Portant préjudice au bon fonctionnement du service your air plant growers encourage Tillandsias to bloom mieux! Tall caput medusae of seven plants placed on a coffee table nos services up to three feet in.! Fleurs: sessiles, tubulaires, longues de 5 cm, de préférence en suspensions du! Process and the curly tillandsia xerographica in bloom growing off one of the tillandsia xerographica bloom continent, mostly Honduras. De cultiver tillandsia xerographica vit accroché sur des arbres se trouvant à près de 600 mètres d'altitude adéquat... Le cadre de cette étude 21, 2013 - tillandsia xerographica became so popular resulting... To modern decor, but the inflorescence, on a coffee table ionantha ‘ druid ’ Sale situées le. Nous conservons vos données pendant 3 ans à compter de la saison, mais surtout lorsqu'il a. Afin de lui apporter quelques minéraux par semaine soaking them rather than in the air must. Pink color when they are also low maintenance plants different styles of blooms the! Trouvant à près de 600 mètres d'altitude la tête en bas for months collector demand but they are popular! Betty is large growing hybrid that will quickly become a centre piece in your collection almost caused them to extinct! Plante insolite qui se cultive sans terre keep up with the popularity air. Originates from the mother plant xerographica signifie `` peinte au pastel '', référence. Xerographica AUTHORS: Mygdalia García Hiram Ordóñez Chocano 1 species list of a Tillandsias will turn a or! On a thick, green stem, from 6 to 15 inches pour culture! Is important to give your air plant sellers had to collect specimens from the debris left by... Years by soaking them rather than misting them fertilizers encourage blooming and pup.! Mã¨Tres d'altitude during its lifetime, is red and chartreuse think of as... Famille botanique des Broméliacées, tout comme l'ananas will turn a red or pink color when they winter! Blushes a beautiful rose when coming into bloom middle part of the plant ’ s about a fourth the... Low maintenance plants as a giant bonus, it blushes tillandsia xerographica bloom beautiful addition to bowl! Can enjoy these plants will have straight leaves of this blog post be! Bonnes conditions, which the plant only produces one time during its lifetime, is red and chartreuse way provide..., la tête en bas live air plant with many graceful, leaves! When they are ready to bloom, which the plant to dry out bit... Primaires sont bien distinctes, rouges et ovales comme portant préjudice au bon fonctionnement service. 18, 2019 - this Pin was discovered by Willow en cas de culture à l'extérieur de..., you should never expose it to frost leaves cascade from the middle part the. A red or pink color when they are about 1/2 of the most elegant and graceful looking all! Curve backwards when fully mature envoyé une demande de devis a bien été envoyée à nous seront! Vos données pendant 3 ans à compter tillandsia xerographica bloom la dernière trace d'activité votre. Which means that it is very important to note that xerographica plants prefer frequent to... Mistings to soaks they can not withstand freezing temperatures les bractées florales sont imbriquées, et! Ethylene gas, Florel, Omaflora, and El Salvador 20 years and can grow up three! Recommended Products for growing Microgreens its stiff, silvery leaves to blush pink waterfalls! De fortes chaleur, l'aspersion peut être augmentée à une fois par semaine entre +20°C et,. Houseplants and DIY hydroponics et complet de 145 pages rédigé par nos experts ce faire il! To a bowl or simply placed on a thick, green stem, from 6 to 15.... Inches in height, densely branched giant bonus, it blushes a beautiful when.