Technical architecture and interior design studio.
Agustí Costa is director of the Master in Interior Design at Elisava School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona. Author of the book "L´espai Interior. Actituds, sensacions i conceptes projectats" and the colective book "Environment. Diseño de interiores". Wrote for 10 years in a section view of the Eben Interiors magazine, about issues of interior design, and currently writes about architecture and interior design in the Wall Street International Magazine. Speaker at various international schools and visiting professor at various American Universities and author since 1987, industrial design and interior design projects in addition to directing all kinds of works of architecture.

The study Agustí Costa practices a rigorous and rational method, but also shows a predilection for suggestive aspects of design, that is, for to all components that stimulate our sensory capacity. We believe in the simplicity, consisting of ideas and the power of design to improve the quality of life, according to the cultural signs of the time.


Agustí Costa: Director.
Vicenç Tolosa; Associated.